Ready? Set? Go!

With the summer of 2017 behind us and nearly two years of prototype testing, True North Produce is proud to launch our first produce line. Introducing Container Farms, a greenhouse in a shipping container.

We tested our systems over the course of a year and built our first fully function unit. The module has the capacity to produce 3-4x the amount of produce in half the space with 95% less water. We've been growing vegetables with it since we launched in October 2015.

Now with our show room coming online at the end of the month, True North Produce is ready to showcase it's products and take them to market. Have a restaurant that prides itself on local produce? Our container farm allows you grow as close to your restaurant as you'd like. Have a school that wants to build a community garden? Our containers are great learning tools and can be used by anyone. Want to take fresh produce to a fly-in community? We got you!

True North Produce aims to bring the means of local food production to all Canadians from coast-to-coast. Now with our Container Farms in full production we can do just that. Ready? Set? GO!!!

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