Urban Farming


Shipping Containers

We build greenhouses out of shipping containers. They are easy to retrofit, have versatile mobility, and grow food anywhere in the world. 



Solar Panels and Wind Turbines provide all the power needed; reducing our carbon footprint and enabling you to provide food to anywhere in the world.

Container Farms

Plug-In Only

The simplest of all our models, just plug in your container farm to any 120/240V single phase power source (Like your dryer). This is the most versatile model for any urban centre; plug it into the back of your restaurant for on-site, local vegetables.

40' starting at $89,000; Compare at $118,000 & Save 25%

Grid-Tie Energy

This system uses solar and wind technology to generate energy and pushes it into your local energy grid. Then you plug-in your container to any 120/240V single phase power source. 100% sustainable energy and zero carbon footprint!

40' starting at $136,000; Compare at $180,000 & Save 25%

Off-Grid Energy

Off-Grid is our most heavy duty container farm with 100% electrical independence. You make the energy and you store the energy. Take your farming to the remote corners of the world and grow food where no one ever has before!

40' starting at $183,000: Compare at $243,000 & Save 25%

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Soilless growing is almost 200% more water efficient than traditional agriculture practices. Without soil we also avoid many problems associated with outdoor farming; bringing you fresh and healthy food!


Our Container Farms function like regular greenhouses but they have no windows. This allows us to grow all winer long, making us 300-400% more efficient than a normal greenhouse. 


"Our Container Farm allows us to grow our own food; which our customers love! We've seen a 89% increase in customers because we sell the food we grow out back!"


—  Kal Robinson, Restaurant Owner




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