​​We build 'Growing Modules' out of shipping containers using sustainable energy technology; allowing us to grow vegetables all year long, in any climate!


Hydroponic greenhouse practices, coupled with solar panels and LED lights, create a customizable greenhouse right inside a shipping container.


Good for your community; good for the planet!

Sustainable. Scientific. Canadian.



True North Produce was founded in October 2015 by me, Adam Schwarz. With my background in Sustainable Development and Horticulture, I took my passion for helping others to the food production industry.
The goal for True North Produce has always been to bring fresh, local, food to all communities across Canada; All winter long! In the age of 'think global, act local', we should be growing our own food!
Eventually I hope to grow True North Produce to an international capacity and help feed everyone around the world! 

Check out our highlight reel from the

2017 BoostR Pitch Event in #YEG

Using the most advanced energy technologies currently available, our Container Farms are capable of maximizing vegetable production capacity, in a carbon neutral method, to get you the most food possible.


Better food today, for a better planet tomorrow!


Email us at truenorthproduce@gmail.com to inquire about supplying your restaurant with our produce or purchasing a Container Farm to grow your own food!

Vegetables. Strong and Free!