365 Days a Year

Our Container Farms grow food all winter long, in any climate on Earth.

1500kg-3000kg per year

Our Container Farms grow 3-4x the amount of produce in 1/2 the space. Extreme efficiency.

3-5 Year R.O.I.

With great market conditions, a Container Farm can generate over $25,000 revenue per year.

90% Less Water

Compared to a traditional farming plot our Container Farms use 90% less water.


120 kWh of electricity per day

20 litres of water per day

25 hours of labour per week

Advanced Farming Techniques

Crop rotation techniques, vertical structures, and horticulture science combine for maximum crop yields.


Automation Technology

Our state of the art AI-based automation technology uses the latest in machine learning and algorithm enhancement to monitor and maintain all aspect of operational functions.


LED Lighting

Precision wavelengths across the spectrum are customized to your crops for maximum harvests. Simulate sunrise and sunset!

Maximum Climate Control

Integrated networks of sensors, meters, and controllers fuse together to hone in on your crop's ideal growing conditions, maintaining high volume output!



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